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April 10th, 2017

A little something on the companies that I’ve worked for, the projects that I worked on and technologies I’ve worked with. This is Simply my Career history.


Now we’ve taking things further. We’ve taken things to an international scale (We’ve gone GLOBAL!).

I’ve put myself out of my comfort zone and forced myself to take all the knowledge I have and apply to situations where google can’t really helps me.

This includes with supporting, maintaining and creating new features for their products and clients (globally). Great exposure, a great test of skill, and so much to be learnt!

IRESS are leaders in the Wealth Management and financial marketing space offering complete end-to-end or partial services for out esteemed clients.

Dariel Solutions

My Next consulting position (I simply enjoyed) it. This is where things got a lot more big time! Exciting times ahead as I started working with our mega-corporate clients such as ABSA and Barclays. My main purposes was to work as a DevOps engineer creating and nurturing the eco-system for change (quick change) and adaptability in the organization.

This forced me to expand on my Microsoft Knowledge and starting incorporating open source and stacked solutions into my everyday life. Creating, maintaining, and contributing to out of the box solutions that would change they way business, in the banking industry, would operate.

I got to collaborate and learn from a lot of amazing people which aided me in getting to the next level.


I experienced a new flavour of the corporate world, my first consulting position. I was hired to consult on SQL Databases (Performance and architecture) as well as Application Development (Web, Windows, and Mobile) mainly working in C# (with MVC or XAML).

As time progressed I got exposed to a more niche part of our world and gained experience in Microsoft BizTalk development and support.

A little later down the line I became more skilled in SSIS and SSRS to help fill the gap with some our custom business integration solutions.

3Fifteen is simply a consulting house, mainly focused in Software and IT Services, now owned by the Brighthouse group.

The Ignition Group

This was my first real introduction to the corporate world. My initial responsibilities including maintaining and improving their current CMS system as well as their databases. At this point we were mainly PHP based.

As time past the team grew, priorities changes and so did our responsibilities. I was later tasked with Middleware and API development as well as solution architecture, ALM, and automating everyday process. At this point we had .NET sub systems and services integrating with our existing PHP systems.

Ignition is mainly a product company, this includes marketing, supporting, and developing products for the everyday person. the main focus was delivering either physical products or  value added services to the consumer.


A small software house, the next step in my career, where I tasked with writing custom extensions, scripts, and integration work as well as maintain and create new CMS sites in Joomla.

We did a lot of work for UKZN (University of Kwa-Zulu Natal) using .NET (C#) with SQL Server, this included internal middleware systems as well as customizing their Sitefinity CMS.

Some of our work won internal awards (amongst the different tech faculties of UKZN and their competing universities)

Joomla Junkie:

Initially I just a user of their products. I started suggesting bug fixes to their extensions and entered in an employment contract with them to support their clients and develop new Joomla Extensions.

They mainly focus on CMS Development and making content management simple for any user. They became known as ProThemer and more recently Theme Butler over the ages.


My first Job, this was my introduction to world. I was employed to script PHP, build Joomla Extensions, and implement SEO.

They are mainly a content generation house focusing on current trends and generating web traffic for click adverts.